2022 Photo Contest

Welcome to the Friends of Lovelace Park 2022 Photo Contest

We have a winner!!

Noah Eisfelder with photo 12!

Entry #12 – The Lone Tree by Noah Eisfelder
Noah Eisfelder with his winning photo

Noah will receive a $50 gift certificate from Curt’s Café as well as a copy of his winning photograph, printed and framed by Ted Glasoe – www.tedglasoe.com – who is known for his wonderful photos of Lake Michigan. Congratulations on your brilliant photo, Noah!

Thank you so much to everyone who participated. We are fortunate to have so many wonderful photographers and artists in our midst and we are grateful they were willing to share their talent with us all.

Also, thank you to everyone who voted- this was a lot of fun!

For your enjoyment, all the entries will be here to view through the spring and summer:

Entry #1 – Snow on New Year’s Day 2008, by Becca Gay


Entry #2 – Spring May 2016 by Becca Gay


Entry #3 – Summer August 2016 by Becca Gay


Not an official Contest Entry, this photographer already submitted three, but Becca Gay wanted to share this poignant image.


Entry #4 – Geese by Paula Lange


Entry #5 – Fountain by Paula Lange


Entry #6 – The Future by Paula Lange


Entry #7 – Breaking Dawn by Carol Krofl


Entry #8 – The Pond by Carol Krofl


Entry #9 – Sunrise by Carol Krofl


Not an official Contest Entry, this photographer already submitted three, but Carol Krofl wanted to share this fun photo of her family Fourth-of-July Egg Toss!


Entry #10 – Pond by Alan Turovitz


Entry #11 – Icicles by Alan Turovitz


Entry #12 – The Lone Tree by Noah Eisfelder


Entry #13 – The Feather by Noah Eisfelder


Entry #14 – Winter Pond by Noah Eisfelder


Entry #15 – Sunrise by Betsy Turovitz


Entry #16 – Pink Clouds by Betsy Turovitz


Entry #17 – Snowmen at Sunrise by Betsy Turovitz (Update- Inuksuit forms)


Entry #18 – The Pond Illuminated by Alan Turovitz


Entry #19 – Misty Morning by Valerie Veneziano


Entry #20 – Sunny Blossoms by Valerie Veneziano


Entry #21 – Trees by Valerie Veneziano


Entry #22 – Winter Pollinator Garden – Catie Lott


Entry #23 – Snowy Pollinator Garden by Catie Lott


Entry #24 – Sledding Hill by Rick Nelson


Entry #25 – Grassy Hill by Rick Nelson


Entry #26 – House on Crawford by Rick Nelson


Entry #27 – Pavilions by Katherine Puckett


Entry #28 – Tracks by Katherine Puckett