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book%20clipartHistory of Lovelace Park:


Clip ArtPlants that can be found in our Pollinator Garden:


bird%20clipartFound an injured bird? These people will help you:


grass%20clipart Prairie Information for possible naturalization of park area just north of the sledding hill:

“Prairies are classified as wet, mesic or dry. Wet prairies hold a lot of water in the soil. Plants like cordgrass, mountain mint and New England aster grow here. Mesic prairies are moist through much of the growing season. Big bluestem, black-eyed Susan, compass plant and rattlesnake master are some of the plants of mesic prairies. Dry prairies include the hill prairies and sand prairies where the soil drains rapidly. Little bluestem, leadplant, purple prairie clover and rough blazing star can be found in dry prairies.”


Here is a guide to choosing condition-appropriate native Illinois plants: 1-ILLINOIS-NATIVE-PLANTS-FOR-THE-HOME-LANDSCAPE


Daffodil Flower Clip Art Suggested plants and layout for a pollinator garden:  2-POLLINATOR-GARDEN freeThese sites can be used as general guidelines for creating the kind of pollinator garden that will actually make a difference:

clip art download   To find out about Rain Gardens, click here:  3-RAIN-GARDEN