Friends of Lovelace Park

The Friends of Lovelace Park are working to keep Lovelace AMAZING!

Helping out the City of Evanston crews during this challenging time

On Saturday, September 19th, eight Lovelace Friends shoveled, raked, and pulled a huge bag of weeds from the children’s sandbox area. Such a welcoming play area!

Our fabulous crew!

The Meadow Project

The Meadow. 6/18/20

I have a special request in the hope that you can assist in keeping the Meadow. Do you enjoy looking at it? Have you been there in the evening and noted the additional fire flies and even some birds that seem to like the tall grasses, too?

Leslie Shad from the  Natural Habitat Evanston group is suggesting that if you like the look of the Meadow, and I hope you do, to text or call 311 and tell the City how much you like the unmowed Meadow, and might it be possible to keep more areas in Evanston unmowed that are not used for soccer or other athletic activities.

September 2020

Below is a note with more details and where to text or call to.

Thank you and watch for an announcement – we need to come up with a name for the Meadow…

– Sigrid


The Pollinator Garden Project

Update September 2020: The Pollinator Garden is in full bloom:

September 2020
September 2020

June 2020:

Twelve dedicated volunteers spent more than two hours on Saturday, June 6, preparing and planting the Pollinator Garden. Thank you, volunteers!!


June 2020

Many thanks also to the Highland Park Garden Club that donated a flat of 38 plants, and to Leslie Shad from Natural Habitat Evanston who arranged for us to be the recipient.

June 2020

Work has continued on the garden this summer, with volunteers putting in additional plants donated by the city and others, plus further mulching and regular watering and weeding. We even made the news!

Our garden also has a special visitor- we are thrilled to welcome this Painted Turtle to the new, more welcoming area of the park:

Share your photos with the Lovelace Park community! Our fabulous park with its open spaces and natural beauty provides so many opportunities for the photographer in all of us. If you take a pic while you’re there, we’d love to see it. Email pics to LovelacePark at outlook dot com and we’ll display them in our Photo Gallery.

Our Mission Statement

We are a group of neighbors living near and enjoying this wonderful recreational resource. We are committed to enhancing the park and assisting the City’s Maintenance Crew by volunteering for the following tasks:

  • Mulching the trees correctly. Click here for a diagram.
  • Working with City Crew when planting new trees to select the proper spots (not in the sledding area).
  • Establishing a pollinator garden to attract butterflies, bees, and other pollinators.
  • Collaborating with other organizations in collecting litter and debris.
  • Offering our services when needed or requested by City Crews.